Van Gogh Immersive Experience Yoga

If you haven’t heard, Pittsburgh’s newest attraction is the Van Gogh Immersive Experience! Van Gogh, being the incredible painter he was, created so many works that unfortunately did not become famous until right before his death and then after. Most people know Van Gogh as “the artist who cut his ear off,” BUT this immersive exhibit will show you all of the incredible works of this famous painter. You can purchase tickets on their website (perfect activity for a date night or family fun day), but my recommendation if you’re looking for something even more unique, is to sign up for the yoga experience!

I attended the yoga experience for the 8:15 am session on a Thursday, which is a typical time for these sessions. Offered most Thursday-Sunday mornings, the “Gogh with Lifeway Kefir Immersive Yoga” is a great way to start the day. Bring your own mat and arrive 15 minutes early to sign the waiver and take a look at the art in the entry hall before beginning the class. While there are bathrooms, there are no changing facilities so come ready to go!

Online, this activity is listed as suitable for all levels of experience, however, I would recommend having a general understanding of the common yoga poses. With the visuals and music, you are truly immersed which can make it a little difficult to keep up with the pace of the class if you aren’t familiar with common poses. If you plan on taking this class as a beginner, it’s still doable, just take a look at some of the poses such as downward-facing dog, warrior II, and chaturanga beforehand to get a brief understanding!

During the yoga session, different pieces of Van Gogh’s works are projected throughout the room on all of the surrounding walls and bounced off of mirrors. The soundtrack during the 35-minute yoga session is truly perfect! Classical songs such as Adagio for Strings and Pictures at an Exhibition are played overhead for the perfect, calming vibe. As a concert band nerd in my younger years, this was AMAZING to hear songs I recognized from famous composers. It really took the artistry to another level.

After the session comes to an end, you are free to stay for another 25 minutes to check out the exhibit. This was awesome because I was able to snap some photos and videos as well as rewatch the experience with my full attention on the artwork and music. You can also stop over to the gift shop area in the entrance hall. One of my favorite parts of the experience was the Pittsburgh-specific artwork at the entrance. Being the city of bridges as well as the center of Steelers Nation, the exhibit captures the true essence of our small city through unique installations.

This experience is perfect to kick off your morning and get ready to take on the day. Between the visuals, music, and physical movement, you will truly be immersed in a one-of-a-kind experience! Be sure to keep an eye out if you aren’t from Pittsburgh because this exhibit travels and might be coming to a city near you soon. Check the list of locations on their website to see the closest one to your town!

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