Chemical Peel by Lumi

Hello my people!! You may be seeing the title and thinking to yourself, what is a chemical peel?? Well you aren’t alone, because until about 2 months ago I had no idea what one was either. There are so many awesome benefits to this skincare service so I want all of you to be in the know too.

Let’s start off with some basics. What exactly is a chemical peel? How my esthetician described it was a “controlled burn.” DON’T let that scare you. This isn’t a painful process by any means! The high end products that are used, are from the PCA skin line. This line was founded in 1990 by an aesthetician and developed by a dermatologist, so you know it’s legit. Their mission is to be a trusted innovator for the development of professional treatments and daily care products. Basically what happens during the chemical peel process is by applying these specific chemicals to the skin on your face and neck, it removes the very top layer of skin to reveal fresh and healthy skin.

Reception area of Lumi Beauty Boutique

Now let’s get into the process. I’m going to be speaking about the experience you will receive at Lumi Beauty Boutique specifically in Lawrenceville, the Pittsburgh neighborhood. First, you will be shown to a room and asked to change into the towel/robe, place the towel headband around your hair line, and crawl under the blanket. This is to keep you comfortable and ensure your neck and full face are exposed for the peel! When your esthetician enters the room, they will begin by cleansing your face. This is a classic way to begin any facial. They want to make sure all of the daily oils and dirt are wiped off before beginning the chemical peel. After cleansing, they will use a toner which may give a slight tingle, but the staff at Lumi is always sure to keep open conversation throughout the process to understand how you’re feeling.

Now begins the chemical portion. Depending on which peel you do, there are different limits on how many “layers” they can apply. For the Sensi peel, the peel required for any first timer, you can go up to 2 layers on the neck and 4 on the face. The solution is put on a cotton round and applied to your face. After it is evenly placed on the area, you’ll be asked on a scale of 1-10, how do you feel, 10 being in pain. After the first layer I’m usually at a 2. The esthetician will then fan your face down to a 1. They’ll begin the next layer. With the Sensi peel, I was able to go 3 layers. With the anti-aging Ultra peel, I could only go 2 layers. The Ultra peel is made to be more intense though, which is why the Sensi is a prerequisite.

My face after completing the Ultra chemical peel

After you max out on layers, different serums and creams are applied to help your skin relax. With every Lumi chemical peel you receive a starter kit of PCA products for daily use in the morning and at night. They include the facial wash, CliniCalm, hydrate plus broad spectrum spf 30, ReBalance, and silkcoat balm. In the morning you’ll apply the facial wash, a combo of CliniCalm and ReBalance, and then the hydrator spf. At night you’ll use the same process, but instead of the hydrator spf you’ll use the silkcoat balm to finish.

Starter kit of PCA products included in every Lumi chemical peel

Over the next few days, you’ll see some peeling like in the photo below. Everyone’s skin is different so the amount of days before it starts peeling can vary. The location of where it will start peeling first will also vary! With the Sensi peel, it took 4 days for my skin to start peeling, but with the Ultra it started peeling the next day. The chin is always the first part that peels for me.

4 days post Sensi chemical peel

If you begin getting chemical peels, you’ll go in each 6 weeks for another peel. You’ll start to notice improvements in texture and appearance, and I mean like actual improvements. I had a woman at an event I attended come up to me and tell me how flawless she thought my skin was. She said it was just so beautifully smooth and glowing. I can’t make this up 😂 Now that you have the scoop, treat yourself by booking a chemical peel at Lumi Beauty Boutique today!

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