Jewelry Brands with a Cause

I am definitely a girl who loves to accessorize and what better way to do that than by supporting jewelry brands with a cause! Two of my absolute favorite jewelry brands give back in so many ways while offering stylish, long-lasting jewelry. Check them out below 🥰

Pura Vida

This beach inspired jewelry line is perfect for anyone that loves dainty and delicate jewelry! This brand started out by selling handmade bracelets from Costa Rica in a local boutique in Southern California. Pura Vida or “pure life” has the mantra that one should enjoy the simple pleasures and live life to the fullest. Over 10 years later their business has developed into so much more including rings, necklaces, anklets & earrings. Not to mention they have given over $3.3 million to over 200 charities around the world, WOW!

Always keep an eye out for sales because they often run sales of all sorts! My favorite thing they sell is their rings. They have stackable ones, whimsical ones, classy ones and fun colored ones. I wear mine every day and they are always the perfect fun addition to my outfits. The same categories are naturally followed in their other jewelry lines. The necklaces range from sophisticated gold layered looks to beaded chokers.

The most noteworthy line is obviously their bracelets, being that is the whole reason they began their business! They have style packs (or groups of bracelets that pair together) that can elevate any ensemble. Their charity line is broken up into different causes like animal awareness, environmental causes and cancer awareness. Metal, men’s and charms are some of the other bracelet collections to check out! If you’re looking to do a fundraiser you can even order customized bracelets in bulk! I have the bracelet below that I received from a senior project at a local high school for organ donation!

Bryan Anthony’s

I found this jewelry brand by being served an ad on Insta. You know this drill, a bunch of random businesses that match what you’re talking about get served to you. Usually they aren’t the top tier businesses in their industry and tend to be (at least for me) international online companies. Well thank goodness for whatever reason I decided to click on the ad for Bryan Anthony’s because it has quickly become one of my go-to’s for jewelry and gifts!

When you visit their website, you will quickly realize they aren’t just basic fashion jewelry. Each piece of jewelry is crafted beautifully and is accompanied by a written piece. My first purchase from their site was the “through thick and thin” 14k gold necklace set. I bought it as a 25th birthday gift for my best friend. Reading the message in the box actually made me tear up. I kept looking at the necklace awaiting my friend’s birthday and decided OK I needed something of my own from them. That’s when I ordered the “grit” necklace. Simple with a singular pearl, I wear this necklace almost daily. For me it isn’t just a fashion piece but a reminder that no matter what I have gone through I “choose to live and love” which is a quote from the message in the box.

My mom with the “mom” necklace in silver and white opal.

Bryan Anthony’s was created by Amber Glassman to honor her brother who had suddenly passed due to a tragic health situation. The brand is named after him. As their website says the jewelry isn’t just created to be pretty, but to “relate to chapters in our lives, symbolizing feelings and moments in time that when strung together tell an incredible story.” Bryan Anthony’s gives back through their Designs for a Difference program where proceeds from certain designs go back to non-profits. Another way they give back is by partnering with Multiplying Good, a non-profit that helps empower youth to get involved in service projects. The students are able to gain leadership skills, experience in volunteering and more through Multiplying Good.

The next time you’re looking for a new piece of jewelry or a gift, check out these brands who do so much to give back to the community. I promise you will fall in love with them like I did 🤍

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