Massage Therapy Benefits: Getting you to a better place mentally, physically and emotionally

As we all know, winter brings a lot of joy with the holiday season, but also brings a lot of stress and tension in the body with seasonal depression and cold weather. This year commit to changing that by giving massage therapy a try!

I want to share my story so you understand how important massage therapy has been to me. My whole life I have dealt with left shoulder and neck pain. Over the last year I decided that was unacceptable and I wanted a way to change it. I began with massage therapy, then started with a combination of massage therapy and chiropractic care. The level of relief I have experienced in the last couple months is unbelievable. I no longer live every day feeling pain and experiencing headaches. I sleep so much better. I have gotten better at making time for myself to relax and take part in self-care. It is so worth the cost when I think about the peace of mind I have and the fact that I am no longer taking ibuprofen several times a week. I would highly recommend this to anyone experiencing regular pain, as it has truly changed my life.

Now, I want to include some information from my Massage Therapist, Bailey Campbell of NB BodyWorks. After all, she’s the one with the education on it 😉

“As a massage therapist, my primary goals are to aid in a client’s rehabilitation process and educate them on how to improve and maintain their health. I see people of all ages, demographics, and physical abilities. What they all have in common is that they have made the choice to dedicate at least one hour to improving their mental, physical, or emotional health.

It is my job to make sure that their time is not wasted, whether it is their very first massage or their hundredth. In order to do this, I assess what their ultimate goals are and formulate a plan for success. For some, their only goal is to have an hour of uninterrupted relaxation. For others, they may be looking for therapeutic work to correct a muscular issue or relieve tension. Through various massage techniques, myofascial stretching, and discussion on the method for relief, we work to alleviate the pain and determine probable factors of muscular destress. This RARELY can be done in a single session; especially, if the discomfort is from years of misuse/overuse. That is why it is so important to me to educate clients on their bodies and muscular system.

A typical massage will last 60-90 minutes, so self-care during the other 100ish hours in a week is crucial in keeping up with the improvements that are made while in a massage session. That is why I typically leave clients with a better understanding of the source of their pain, and resources to help them continue to work towards a pain-free life.”

If you’re interested in booking with my girl Bailey, head to her massage booking site for all of her options. If you’re looking for a last minute Christmas gift, head to her gift card site to get a gift certificate for someone special! I hope this helps you as much as it helps me!

2 thoughts on “Massage Therapy Benefits: Getting you to a better place mentally, physically and emotionally

  1. It’s good to learn that a typical massage should last around an hour. My brother is wanting to relax his body after work and he was wondering how long he should expect a massage to last. I’ll be sure to tell him that he should expect a massage to last around an hour.


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