Coop DeVille

If you haven’t heard by now, Pittsburgh has a new spot, Coop DeVille. Located right on Smallman Street in the Strip District, Coop DeVille has EVERYTHING you could want & more. It’s perfect for a ladies night, guys night, date night, afternoon spot for watching the game, and even a place to pick up your morning coffee. This unique space is a duckpin bowling, arcade, restaurant, classic bar, tiki bar, coffee shop. Yes, you heard that right.

Their restaurant menu is absolutely INCREDIBLE. Including some massive chicken sandwiches, pimento Mac and cheese, and even a farro & quinoa bowl for our vegetarian friends. I’ve tried the Roadhouse and Classic chicken sammies and they both knocked it outta the park! You order at the counter and then they will shoot you a text whenever your order is ready and you can pick it up on the side. It’s seat yourself unless they get too crowded then the hostesses will take over. You can also order takeout!

As I mentioned they have a classic bar for beer and cocktails, BUT they also have a tiki bar serving up drinks like the Mai Tai and Tropical Itch (topped with an actual backscratcher)!!!

The champagne vending machine deserves recognition of its own. You ask the tiki bar to put $20 on your tab and they give you a golden coin to redeem in the Moet & Chandon vending machine for either classic champagne or the rose. Head to the bar for some champagne glasses and enjoy your mini bottle!

The coffee shop section is so cozy with its couches and books. You can go in and have a nice latte with a friend or order at their pick-up window if you’re in a hurry. They even have La Colombe draft latte on tap. The best part is their coffee shop is open all hours with the rest of the joint so it’s never too late to enjoy a coffee. They also just started selling Pittsburgh Juice Company juices 😍

Their arcade games are dispersed throughout the building and include a pinball wall, pool tables, and the classics. The games are only 25¢ and they have a coin machine on site to get your quarters. I tried out Pac-Man, Dig Dug and a few others.

Duckpin bowling speaks for itself. It’s just your classic mini bowling! You reserve a lane at the tiki truck and while you’re waiting you can enjoy everything else they have to offer! No bowling shoes are required and each lane gets its own server for food and drinks! Min of 4 people and max of 8 is the current limits based on COVID. It’s only $7 per person per game! Check out the rules here.

The space is indoor/outdoor and when it’s nice, they will open up the garage doors and let the sun and warm air come in, not to mention that makes it that much more COVID friendly. So what are you waiting for?! Go check out Pittsburgh’s newest bar, restaurant, coffee shop, arcade, bowling alley!!! Let me know what you think 😘

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