DIY Wine Tasting

So in the world of COVID-19, a lot of our fun birthday plans have been put on hold until next year, BUT that doesn’t mean we can’t still celebrate! This year I turned 25 in August and decided because my trip to Toronto got cancelled and then my trip to Put-in-Bay, I needed a Plan C (I know not ideal). I was so worried about planning a small outing because the regulations could change at any time. I decided to get creative and host a get together at the one place I knew couldn’t cancel, MY HOUSE.

I’m a big wine gal so it seemed fitting to do a DIY wine tasting. Now my friends and I aren’t exactly sommeliers so we didn’t get too official with scoring sheets, but we still had a blast. Everyone brought a bottle of wine (or two) that they liked and then a bite-sized treat. I baked marinara and alfredo pasta as well as made some dips and supplied the cakes. The food was amazing and the perfect amount for us to enjoy before, during and after the tasting.

dolce cakes from Oakmont bakery- raspberry, peanut butter fudge, Oakmonter (left to right)

Now to talk decor. You don’t need some expensive high end decor to make something look authentic and put together. Most of my decorations were from Five Below, Michael’s seasonal sale, Goodwill and Dollar Tree! Five Below always has cute birthday decorations and confetti to spice things up. Michael’s was where I got a lot of the little name tags, ribbon and cutlery. Goodwill had a great selection of rustic metal pieces that added to the vibe and Dollar Tree was perfect for the wine glasses and glass plates (because hello $1?!).

The evening was set up so when everyone arrived they could enjoy some snacks and mingle before we got started. We started off with my selection and each person would be poured a small glass. We would all taste the wine together and then discuss. If someone didn’t care for a specific wine, they could discard it before we rinsed our glasses for the next bottle.

The evening was such a success and the ladies who attended even mentioned how wonderful it was to be able to talk to each other without loud noises or chaos like you might experience on an evening out. I would recommend this as a birthday party, bachelorette party or even just when all of your friends are in town!

custom favors- blush pink tumblers with monograms
the ladies!

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