Facial by Lumi Beauty Boutique

Calling all beauty gurus!!! This past week I had my very first facial (I know I can’t believe I’ve never had one either). I went to the TRENDIEST beauty boutique in Lawrenceville right on Butler Street, Lumi Beauty Boutique! For my service, I selected the Derma-Expressa Facial, which is a double cleanse, dermaplane, and moisturizer & SPF application. As an add-on, I selected the jelly mask. I was very unsure of what to expect when I arrived, but I can confidently say I can’t wait to go back 🤩

Upon arrival, I was greeted by my esthetician, Stephanie. I filled out a med history questionnaire and got ready to go back to my room. At first, I was like why do they need to know if I’m claustrophobic?? Rest assured there was a very good reason why they asked all of these questions. I took my shoes off, crawled under the blanket, and propped the pillow beneath my knees for MAX comfort. Stephanie turned the lights off and the vibes of that combined with the relaxing spa music were so soothing.

To get started we steamed my face to get those pores opened up for the cleansing. The products used for the facial can be seen below. The whole time Stephanie talked me through what was going to happen next and made sure the steam was at an okay temp. Next up, the double cleanse. This got me all ready for the dermaplane. At this point, she told me talking time was over because the little blade needed not to slip while doing the facial. Now if you aren’t well versed in the spa world, a dermaplane is when an esthetician takes a small blade and removes the very top layer of your skin, including peach fuzz. This DID NOT hurt at all! It felt very soothing and Stephanie even checked with me about the pressure to make sure she wasn’t pressing too hard. This took the majority of the 45-minute appointment. It was cool because in certain spots I could feel the dead skin being scraped away.

After the facial

After the dermaplane was completed, it was time for the jelly mask. This was my FAVORITE part. It added 15 minutes and was a $10 charge, no brainer as an add-on. I was asked before we got started with this portion if I was ok with my mouth and eyes being covered with the mask (this is why they ask about claustrophobia). The mask goes on like a gel and over 7-10 minutes it hardens so it can be peeled off. During that time I was left alone to relax with the sounds of the music playing overhead. FYI I did allow the mask to cover my mouth and eyes and it was UNBELIEVABLY relaxing! I truly felt like my body was weightless and in the most zen state. After a few minutes, Stephanie came back in and checked on me, and then a few minutes later it had hardened enough to remove. It didn’t hurt at all to remove, NOTHING like some facial peels or waxing. It lifted right off.

To finish, moisturizer and SPF were applied. I wasn’t sure why the SPF, but it was because I had a completely new layer of skin exposed. I didn’t even think of that! My skin was sensitive to the sun and certain products like retinol so that was a no-no for the next couple of days. The reveal for the finished product was spectacular. I sat up and looked in the mirror and was GLOWING. My skin was softer than a baby’s bottom TBH.

Top booked services

Over the next couple of days, I received so many compliments on my face with and without makeup. I use Maybelline’s primer with SPF in the summer so I made sure to apply that even on non-makeup days because of sensitivity to the sun. When I did add makeup, my foundation went on like a glaze. Such a small amount went a long way and my blush and highlighter went on with one swipe. I asked how often I should come back for a dermaplane and Stephanie said monthly or quarterly would be fine. This service is a total of $85+ tip and I cannot express enough how much I recommend getting this done. If dermaplane isn’t your jam, there are other facial services Lumi provides as well as waxing services. If you make an appointment before June 12th, use the code 412FRANIMAL for 30% off your next service 😍 I hope you love this experience as much as I did!

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