Clean Juice Beginner Cleanse

Alright, PEEPS. I am here to share with you my experience with my very first juice cleanse! I had been thinking about doing one for a couple of weeks after reading about them on Clean Juice’s website and writing an article on local juiceries in January. I hadn’t been feeling great after eating. I was constantly feeling nauseous or bloated so I decided to look into it. Clean Juice’s site had a lot of FAQs about juice cleansing which made it super easy to understand what to expect as a first-time juicer. Another plus is that Clean Juice has a Beginner Cleanse so I didn’t have to commit to a full day without eating. Now to the experience part!

First up is the Sweet Green juice. As far as tastes go, this was ranked 3/4 for the juices. I think the kale was what threw me off. I started to drink this and decided to lay in bed and relax. It was around 10 am when I started the cleanse so it was a rainy morning and perfect for relaxation. After about halfway through the drink I started to feel it breaking down the food I had eaten the day before bc my tummy was grumbling. I drank at least 16 oz of water between this juice and the next.

Next up was the Orange juice. I was ready to have some sort of taste in my mouth after the 2.5-hour window of just drinking water. The Orange was my favorite flavor-wise. You couldn’t taste the carrots much so it tasted like a slightly flavored mixed orange juice. This juice was designed to give me some energy throughout the rest of the day. It was a nice steady, clean energy. I’m not a caffeine drinker anymore so I say that as someone who gets jumpy from a coffee. At this point, I got up from my bed and started to clean my room and rearrange some things to be more minimalist. I got rid of two pieces of furniture and stored a couple of things under my bed. I wanted to cleanse my living space as well as my body. More and more water to follow.

Essential oils have entered the chat. At this point, I expected to feel lightheaded and hungry, but surprisingly I didn’t! I had all the nutrients I needed from the organic juices and was well hydrated from all of the water consumption. This juice was only 7% juice and was mainly filtered water. Reading the ingredients I thought this would be FOUL. It was filtered water, lemon, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper. This being said, the Yellow juice was my second favorite. It reminded me of a spicy marg LOL. It was very easy to drink because it was largely water which I liked. This juice was designed to help remove toxins. I finished this, refilled my yeti with water, and mixed eucalyptus and peppermint Young Living essential oils to diffuse. This set the mood as I began to relax again.

Last up was the Red juice. At this point I was getting hungry, not gonna lie. It was 5:30 pm and I probably could’ve gone with the full-day cleanse but I wanted the taste of some yummy food in my mouth. The Red juice was the thickest and was my least favorite in taste which didn’t help. This juice was used for vasodilation to avoid crashing late in the day. This is why I think I could do the full cleanse if I was in a complete mindset for cleansing. I wasn’t STARVING by any means just a little hungry and mainly craving a new taste.

For dinner, I was allowed to have something organic. I had a chicken breast, cauliflower, bell pepper, scallions, and lemon on top of 1/2 cup of rice with a little sprinkle of Romano cheese. Was this fully organic? Nah, but I knew it was healthy and I would enjoy it so I went for it.

All and all I would do a cleanse again. I think my next cleanse will be the Original Cleanse which follows the same 4 first juices as the Beginner Cleanse with the addition of 2 more. The last two added are the Green and White juices. I felt so relaxed and my body felt so GOOD, like honestly, I didn’t feel bloated, nauseous, no dizziness, no burping. If you’re interested in doing a cleanse I 100% recommend this as a starter. PLUS I have an extra special treat for my readers: if you call Clean Juice East Liberty (the location I did my cleanse from) to order yourself a cleanse and mention you read my blog post, they will give you 10% off any cleanse 🤗 Also, I wanted to add that in the two days following so far I’ve been a lot less hungry and haven’t had strong cravings, which is a BLESSING. If you ever have any questions feel free to ask me 😍

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