Pittsburgh Pizza Crawl

BUCKLE UP YINZERS! We are pizza crawling. We constantly hear about all the hot spots in Pittsburgh for pizza, so I decided to put them all to the test. After asking for recommendations on Instagram I decided on 5 places (actually 7 then I realized that was insane and cut it down to 5 lol). Here are my thoughts and scores for each of these well-known Pittsburgh pizza spots!

1. Mercurio’s: 7/10

First up was Mercurio’s. With two locations in Fox Chapel and Shadyside we decided on Fox Chapel because it was on the way downtown from where I live. Reservations were recommended but we rolled up around 5:45pm and were seated immediately. Mercurio’s is known for its Italian dishes and dreamy gelato. We went with two basic pizzas, the Margherita and Marinara. The Marinara came without cheese which was great for those in our group that have sensitivity to cheese (considering we were about to eat 5 pieces each). The basil and olive oil drizzle on the Margherita was HEAVENLY. The crust was very light, thin and crispy— the perfect wood fired pizza. Next time I go back, the gelato will definitely be on my order.

2. Fiori’s: 8.1/10

Arguably the most well-known Pittsburgh pizza claimed to be the best is Fiori’s. The original location is near Brookline, but they opened a second location in McMurray as well. Let me tell you, this pizza truly lives up to the hype. Make sure to call ahead because our wait was 1 hour and 40 minutes. We got a large cheese with half pepperoni. When we picked it up, it looked incredible. This is the traditional, hand tossed pizza everyone loves. The crust was perfectly crispy on the bottom and the pizza didn’t flop or feel greasy at all. When I took a bite, I could taste a nice full bite of cheese, sauce and crispy crust. The sauce almost had a bit of a sweet taste to it. Something that I really liked about Fiori’s was that they put the pepperoni under the cheese. This was definitely the best of the crawl. Make sure your eyes aren’t bigger than your stomach though, because these pieces are VERY filling.

3. Beto’s: 5.2/10

Beto’s is probably the most unique Pittsburgh pizza because it comes with the cheese and toppings cold on top. I won’t lie, I was skeptical of this concept. I had to give it a try though. Located on Banksville Road only 6 minutes from Fiori’s Pittsburgh location, it made sense to stop here next. They are only accepting order over the phone right now for delivery or take out. We stopped by and gave them a call then ran to the gas station and by the time we were done, so was the pizza. The wait was only 20 minutes. You order by the cut so we decided to each split a cut, so for 6 people we got 3 cuts. It was only $6 for these three pieces so that was a nice deal! One had pepperoni, one with banana peppers and one plain cheese. The cheese was actually sooo good unmelted. The downfall was the crust. Mine was a center cut and the bottom was so soggy and greasy which was such a bummer. My friend’s was nice and crispy as an end piece and if I would’ve had hers, I definitely would’ve rated Beto’s higher. I will definitely try it again because you can buy it by the slice and it is so unique!

4. Iron Born Pizza: 6.3/10

Iron Born Pizza is a Detroit-style pizza right the heart of the Strip District of Pittsburgh. They have a second location in Millvale as well! This pizza was VERY thick. Not in the way that Chicago is because it was a lot of bread and not a lot of topping. It didn’t taste bad, it just wasn’t what I would want if I was looking for pizza. We ordered the Red Pie and it reminded me more of pizza bread than pizza. Again, not bad just not what I would want if I’m looking for pizza. I have heard their nontraditional pizzas are very good like the Cubano and Buffalo Chicken. I’ll have to try that another time! You can order right online for pickup and stop over to Kingfly Spirits while you’re waiting. When your pizza is ready, go pick it up and bring it back to Kingfly to enjoy with your drinks! It was about a 40 minute wait.

5. Pizzeria Davide: 7.7/10

Our last stop was Pizzeria Davide. This little roadside stop was only a block from Kingfly Spirits in the Strip. They have two other locations in Robinson and Carnegie. The wait was an hour so make sure you order around 8pm at the latest because they close at 9pm. We went with the Old World pizza which was the PERFECT choice to end the night. This pizza was the same style as Mercurio’s, light, crispy and delicious. The basil and oregano was so yummy. My favorite part about this pizza was that the sauce was actually on top of the cheese! I am a huge sauce gal so this was a huge hit for me.

That’s it! My very own Pittsburgh Pizza Crawl. At the end of the day I’d eat at any of these pizza places again, just maybe not the same orders at each place. This crawl took 3 and a half hours and was definitely a one time activity, I was so full afterwards 😅 If you decide to take on the crawl, I wish you luck, otherwise just enjoy the za!

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