DryBar Blowouts

My ladies! Are you someone who enjoys a treat yo self moment? Who loves getting glammed up every once in a while? Well, I am here to chat blowouts. I’m gonna be honest, I had never had a blowout before December 2020, but now that I know what it is like, there’s no going back. DryBar Pittsburgh is our very own shop that specializes in blowouts and ONLY blowouts. So simply put, they are experts.

If you’re like I was and aren’t super familiar with the blowout world, I’m here to help a sis out! A blowout is essentially a hair wash, dry, and style. No color, no cut, just some good old fashioned pampering. Of course, there are add-ons that can heighten your DryBar blowout experience!

I get two blowouts a month and it is perfect when I have a little something special planned for a weekend or holiday. You can become a Barfly member and for $80 a month, you get 2 blowouts, 10% off products in shop, $5 off any additional blowout & a free birthday blowout! If you aren’t into committing to the membership there are still DEALS for everyone 😍 For the remainder of January when you book online ahead of time, you get a FREE add-on to your blowout. Normally an add-on costs $10 but you get it free! The add-ons offered are:

  • Liquid Glass Miracle Smoothing Sealant (best for dry, frizzy hair)
  • Blonde Ale Vibrance-Boosting Brightening Powder (best for dull hair)
  • Blonde Ale Color-Enhancing Brightening Mask (best for dry, brassy hair)
  • On The Rocks Charcoal Scalp Scrub (best for dry, itchy, flaky scalp)
  • Scalp Massage (best for relaxation)

I chose the scalp massage the last time I went and it was sooo nice, because let’s be real. Isn’t getting your hair washed the best part of any hair appointment?? Another hot deal that DryBar Pittsburgh is serving up for January and February is the Half Off Hustle! This deal is great if you are a regular or a more casual attendee. After you purchase 2 *full-priced blowouts in January/February, you get a third blowout for half-off redeemable in March or April!

Now let’s talk styles. DryBar is THE cutest and names all of their styles after classic cocktails! Mai Tai, Old Fashioned, Cosmo, you name it! They even have one for kids 10 and under called the Shirley Temple! My personal fave is the Mai Tai! I will say though I got my hair done on NYE and got the Cosmo so the curls were tighter and they lasted all weekend, effortlessly!

You also can’t forget all the DryBar products! They have their professional styling tools for blow-drying, curling, straightening, and more! Keep an eye out for some more styling tool launches soon 👀 You can also purchase all of the products used in their “add-ons.” They also have hair care staples like dry shampoo, finishing spray, heat protectant, and my favorite the high shine finishing cream!

Not to mention the classic chick flicks you get to watch while they style your hair and the wonderful convos you get to have with the stylists like Maddy and Kyra 🥰 During my last trip to DryBar Pittsburgh, Can’t Buy Me Love was playing! I also got some fun cocktail recommendations during my blowout for alcoholic cocktails (not hair cocktails 😉) that I have already gotten the chance to try and they were GOOD.

All other deals aside if you want to just roll up for a one-time treat just to try it out use code Bestie$5off for $5 off your blowout. If you schedule for January you’ll get a $55 value for only $40 because of the free add-on 😉 I hope you try it out and fall in love with it as much as I have! Tag me in your posts if you go so I can see that style!!

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